Activity Center Day Program

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Activity Center Day Program


The Activity Center Day Program at North Bay Industries was developed in 2004 to meet the needs of many clients who desired a more varied experience. As a result, the Activity Center offers a wide array of educational and recreational activities, community access and some work opportunities. We also have a kitchen and three “Culinary Academies” that cover meal preparation, basic cooking skills, menu planning and comparative shopping for ingredients. There is a vegetable garden that is tended to by our participants with the produce to be used in our culinary academy.

Participants are free to choose from a variety of daily activities, ranging from math and money skills, word and spelling games, arts and crafts, and informational sessions on many different topics. Participants are encouraged to give their input in areas they would like to participate in. Community outings are geared to give everyone an enriching experience in seeing things they may otherwise never have the chance to see. Some paid work opportunities exist as well, though not all participate in this activity.

As a Community Care Licensed facility, we ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Our staffing ratio is one staff to six participants, and while in the community the ratio is one to three. This is to ensure safety for all. Referrals to this program originate at North Bay Regional Center with a client’s Service Coordinator. Referral packets are reviewed, a tour occurs, and a start date is determined. Within the first 90 days of attending program, an Initial meeting is held involving all stakeholders and a program plan is set for the individual. Going forward, the individual will have an annual meeting in their birth month and a semi-annual meeting six months later. The individual’s progress is reviewed and, if necessary, changes implemented to ensure success.

The Activity Center has proven to be a great place for an individual to start! There is no pressure or stress, so an individual can ease into a new environment with success. We strive to ensure that each person we serve gains something every day and enjoys their experience!


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