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  • Supported Employment

Supported Employment:

The Supported Employment Program offers adults with disabilities an array of different work opportunities from grounds maintenance, custodial services, retail shelf-stocking to packaging and assembly. This program provides placement of a group of workers (usually 3 or more) who work at a job site in the community or at our federal government sites. Participants in the Supported Employment Program are supervised by NBI staff.

NBI staff plays a key role in providing initial and on-going training and support to each participant in the group. The NBI staff member is also a liaison between the host-company and NBI corporate office.

Supported Employment participants benefit greatly from working in the community or at our federal facilities. Participants work in an integrated work environment where expectations conform to competitive work standards, greater involvement in the community, all while earning a paycheck and greater independence, which increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

Host companies benefit from this program by gaining reliable and enthusiastic workers, quality workmanship with an NBI staff member to supervise the group and meeting ADA requirements. Because NBI takes care of all the normal employer obligations such as Human Resources, payroll withholdings and workers compensation, this allows the Host Company to concentrate on its business and leave the personnel issues to NBI.

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