Community Day Program

Rehabilitation Services

North Bay Industries’ Community Day Program is a unique blend of paid work opportunities and community access. Consumers in this program work part time in community host employers’ work sites. This program provides our consumers with real life work experiences serving to improve social interaction skills and sharpen meeting work performance expectations. When work tasks are completed the groups then access community venues ranging from the library to bowling.

Ideally, consumers in this program are able to access public transportation, however accommodations are made for those who need alternative transportation. The staffing ratio for these groups is one to three to provide close supervision and support. Referrals to this program originate with North Bay Regional Center with an individual’s Service Coordinator.

The Community Day Program provides consumers with the perfect mix of work experiences and accessing community sites. It is the ideal setting for someone new to the “world of work” without the pressure of a full work schedule. It is also a springboard for consumers to move into a full time job in the future.

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