Dear NBI,

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly generous our communities are. For three years I have reached out for support in helping our men and women who have served actively in our country's armed forces protecting our liberty and freedom. In those three years, we have successfully presented six Veterans' Resource and Job Fairs.

Your company has been instrumental in making these events a super success. On behalf of the Sonoma County Veterans Job Fair Committee, I would like to extend our undying gratitude and appreciateion for your active part in our endeavors.

Semper Fidelis

Warm Regards,

Claudio Calvo

Local Veteran Employment Representative

As you know, the Oak Hill Apartments received HOME Program funds from the County of Marin towards the costs of development. On October 10, 2014 County staff did an on-site inspection of the Oak Hill Apartments and also examined tenant files at that time, as part of our program monitoring responsibilities.

We appreciate the cooperation of North Bay Industries staff, in particular Bella Hutt, in making the arrangements for us to visit the apartments and review the tenant files.

I'm happy to report that we found no deficiencies, and that the tenant incomes and rents meet the requirements of the HOME Program. The property is attractive and well maintained. We were particularly pleased to see a level of ethnic diversity among the residents of the project. It is clear that management cares about the tenants, and that the residents enjoy living there and are very comfortable communicating with management.

We know that funding is tight and we greatly appreciate your careful management of this project . Above all we admire the warm and nurturing environment you provide for residents. This project is a good reflection on the values that motivate North Bay Industries!
Shelly Ingram

Community Development Planner

Client seems very pleased with his job site. I am happy to see that he enjoys working and really seems to be thriving in his work environment.
Blanca Rocha regarding Sam Gere

I am very happy with the services offered. They continue to remain appropriate for my client.
Anna Mestemacher regarding Grant Larson

No improvement needed. NBI has been wonderful and has always been helpful when needed.
Sandee Huskey regarding Kevin Huskey

My son Robert Goosens Jr. has been with NBI for a very long time and has been very happy with the program at the Activity Center. It’s the very best for him and looks forward to going every day. Many thanks from Bobby and mom.
Gloria Goosens for Robert Goosens Jr.

Keep up the great work!
Amelework Geremewis regarding Jared Bronzan

Ted is very happy with NBI, working at Lowe’s and his job coach Jesus.
Trish Watkins regarding Ted Copus

Your agency does a wonderful job with providing support for our clients. Thank you!
Racquel Watson regarding Jake Walenter